Great British Sausages with orzo pasta, tomatoes & olives.

‘Locally produced British sausages packed full of flavour’


I recently picked up some sausages from ‘Harpenden Farmers Market’.

They are produced by a company called ‘Great British Sausage Co.’ and these particular one’s are called ‘Waterloo Sausages’.

Let me tell you that these little beauties were superb!

They are locally produced ‘Red Tractor Farm’ assured and made with the highest quality ‘East Anglian’ pork.  They contain 95% pork and have a natural pork casing. I always advocate minimally processed, locally produced food that has taken as little time as possible to get to your plate.

I am a massive fan of these sausages and it’s got me thinking of so many ways to use them; casseroles, breakfast, barbecue, stuffing and so on…The flavour is quite something and you can tell the quality as soon as you get them out of the packet.

I came up with this simple tasty pasta dish to celebrate these delightful sausages, using fresh tomato, black olives  and basil to give it a real mediterranean flavour!

What You Need:
(serves 4)
– 1 Pack of Great British Sausage Co. ‘Waterloo’ sausages
– 150g of orzo pasta
– 2 Cupped handfuls of pitted black olives (halved)
– 2 large handfuls of cherry tomatoes (halved)
– Handful of fresh basil leaves
– Table spoon of crushed chilli flakes
– 2 Table spoons of extra virgin olive oil

How To Do It:
– Cook the orzo past until it’s ‘al dente’, drain and put to one side
– Fry sausages in a pan little at a medium/high heat with olive oil until browned
– Slice sausages into 5 or 6 pieces and put back into pan to finish
– Turn heat down and put in the tomatoes and cook as the sausages finish
– Put the black olives in and fresh basil at the end
– Put the orzo into that pan with a little olive oil, toss together until the pasta has warmed through
– Add some crushed chilli flakes for a nice kick and a grating of fresh parmesan


you can pick up these sausages at St Albans and Harpenden farmers markets, more info can be found on their website