[Mission:Possible] Training for MI:6/Simon Pegg

We are now coming to the last few weeks of Simon’s Pegg’s training cycle for ‘Mission: Impossible 6’. I am glad to report that ‘Agent Benji Dunn’ is in tip-top condition and will be ready for action. In fact, he’s in the best shape of his life!  You can see a snap-shot of Simon’s training schedule for weeks 8-12 in the picture below.

As usual Simon has been dedicated to both his training and nutrition plan. The change in his body composition and fitness level reflect this.  What has been really interesting this time is, as well as the training and nutrition methods that worked well for previous film roles, we’ve added Genetics into the mix!
​We have tweaked both his training and nutrition plan based on the results of a DNA test.

The results of this test told us about Simon’s response to power and endurance training, recovery and  gave us detailed information on his micronutrient needs.  His recommended ‘diet-type’ is low-carb as his geno-type suggests.  The nutrition plan he is following is based on this but adjusted for his training and goals.

Look out for examples of Simon’s training, workouts and results which will be posted soon!

If you would like to learn more about how genetics can help you optimise your training and nutrition or you would like to train like ‘Agent Benji’ then get in touch.

Be Happy, Be Healthy…