Apple Cider Vinegar. What’s All The Fuss?

Have you heard about Apple Cider Vinegar?
I have had a few people ask me what I think about it and what it claims to do for your health.  So, I have researched it and looked for studies that back-up the things being said.

Apple cider vinegar has been touted to cure-all, purify blood and help you lose weight.  However, just like a lot of these new ‘super-foods’ some claims are over-hyped and exaggerated.  That doesn’t mean that you should chuck yours away, as there are some potential benefits.

Firstly, let’s look at three of the things that ACV can’t do that you may have been told it can.

  • It doesn’t purify blood.

Some claim that ACV flushes toxins out of your blood. Your liver and kidneys do this for you and do it very well.  Eating minimally processed and/or organic foods and limiting alcohol intake will help you with this.

  • It isn’t a magic fat-burner.

Sorry folks, ACV isn’t the golden ticket to weight loss that you may have read about. From studies I have read, the acetic acid in vinegar (not just ACV) has been shown to minimally boost metabolism.  This will equate to a few extra calories being burned. So, if combined with other weight loss strategies (like eating less) it could help you.

  • It won’t add a super-human amount of extra nutrition to your diet.

There are claims that just a couple of spoonfuls of ACV can add huge amounts of vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants to your body.  Well, ACV is a fermented fruit juice so does add vitamins and anti-oxidants, just not really in massive amounts like the claims.

Now let’s look at some benefits that are backed-up by science.

  • It helps to promote a healthy gut.

Vinegars in general have been fermented which creates live micro-organisms (good for health).  I’m sure you have heard about the benefits of probiotics, so having ACV in your diet can help maintain a healthy gut.

  • It can help to lessen the affect ‘blood-sugar spike’.

The acetic  acid found in all vinegars have been shown to partially block the digestion process of starchy foods.  Taking a small amount of ACV (1-2 table spoons in water), before a carbohydrate-rich meal can block some of the sugar absorbed into the bloodstream. Please check with your doctor before taking ACV if you take any meds (diabetics for example).  It’s these blood sugar spikes that can, over time increase fat storage.  Remember you are still consuming calories but the impact on your blood sugar will be less.

  • It can help to relieve heartburn

You may have heard this ‘old wives tale’ of taking apple vinegar to relieve heartburn.  This is probably the opposite of what you think would work, seeing as vinegar is acidic.  Heartburn isn’t aways caused by acidic foods and drinking a little diluted ACV can lower PH level (acid level) in the stomach.   If you get heartburn and normal antacids don’t work that well, this may be worth trying.

How much ACV to take.

  • Go for a raw unfiltered brand
  • ALWAYS dilute in water!
  • 1 or 2 tablespoons in 250ml of water.
  • It’s recommended that you only have a couple of servings per day.

Stop guessing & start progressing…