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How Online Coaching Could Help You

I’ve seen a big shift in the last couple of years towards online personal training and nutrition coaching. There are thousands of trainers offering online coaching (including myself) and if you’re reading this you may well be thinking ‘can online coaching help ME?’.

Online coaching can absolutely help you achieve goals and make real changes to your health, body and fitness.  For myself as a coach it’s a way of being able to reach (and therefore help) so many more people than I ever could face-to-face.  Just like training with a trainer or nutrition coach in person, you will have to be ‘ready, willing and able’ to change and without that it doesn’t really matter which option you choose you may still struggle with results.
Having to juggle work, family or both is something we all have to deal with so online coaching can provide a more flexible way for you to work towards your goals. You can work with your coach and see how best to fit your training or nutrition coaching into your busy schedule and lifestyle. Generally online coaching is less expensive than having a coach in person so if budget is a factor then this is a bonus.

How does online coaching work?

Most online coaches will either provide a ‘low-end’ or ‘high-end’ service.  There are loads of platforms being used by coaches ranging from simple emails and ‘pdf’s’ for workouts and meal plans to the more sophisticated where you will get an online log-in to engage with your coach, get feedback, workout plans and link to other people and an online community. Generally, the lower cost low-end options will have some accountability but training and nutrition coaching can be quite generic. The higher-end options will usually have more direct contact with a coach, more accountability and be more specific to your unique needs and situation. What’s important here is that you find the most suitable option for YOU, your preferences and your lifestyle, and you are the best judge of that.  That said, in my experience the more contact you have with a great coach, the better your results and the chance of creating real and long-lasting change (at least that’s been true with most of my clients).

How do I choose an online coach?

I can understand how tricky and confusing it can be as every time you go online or social media you’re bombarded with coaches selling their services.  The best piece of advice I can give you on this is if a coach is offering you something that sounds too good to be true then it usually is. I would be a little weary of things like ‘6 week abs’ or ’30-day extreme fat loss’ etc. In my experience it takes at least 12 weeks or more (depending on the client) to make a real sustainable change to your body, health and nutritional habits. The health and fitness industry is guilty of providing false hope and pumping out marketing that feeds the myth of instant results.  My own online coaching program has a curriculum of one full year!  Also, remember that just because you may never see your coach in person, you still want to feel that you’re a good fit and that you can build some sort of rapport. Choose a coach who is willing to speak to you, offer free advice and is approachable. You could be working together for some time!

3 things to consider before you begin your online coaching.

  1. Think about whether you are ‘ready, willing and able’ to make some changes and implement the daily habits that move you towards your goals. It may be that you’re ready and willing but unable because you need to know ‘how’.  It doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t begin training or improving your nutrition but a good coach will be able to help you see exactly where you are and how you can move forward.
  2. Think about your goals, what they mean and how you will feel when you achieve them. This will help to give you a purpose, clarity and the motivation required for success.
  3. Finally, find a coach that YOU feel best suits your goals, priorities and values. Do this by reaching out asking questions and really finding out what that particular coach has to say.

Just by reading this post you have decided to take action, good on you! Whoever or however you choose online coaching, good luck and go for it!

Be Healthy, Be Happy,

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